Yarmouth Hiking Trails

Yarmouth Bike Path near Cranberry Hills Golf Course Cape Cod
Botanic Trail Yarmouth Port Cape Cod
Callery Darling Trails

Botanic Trails of Yarmouthport
Peter Homer Park
Callery-Darling Trails
Sandy Pond Recreation Area
Horse Pond Conservation Area

Yarmouth Hiking Trails:

The Botanic Trails in Yarmouthport include several beautiful trails on the old Thacher properties, with views of Miller Pond, and many fine specimen plantings including a grove of rhododendrons, beautiful in early June. The Peter Homer has a very accessible paved walking path around the playing fields and bike paths. The Callery-Darling Trails start at Gray's Beach area near the Bass Hole Boardwalk and include an extensive trail system with many water views and marsh views.

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