Sandwich Hiking Trails

Barge on Cape Cod Canal

Sagamore Bridge Cape Cod Canal

Old Briar Patch
Talbot’s Point Conservation Area
East Sandwich Game Farm
Sandwich Boardwalk and Town Neck Beach
Maple Swamp Conservation Area
Boyden Farm Conservation Area
Ryder Conservation Land
Shawme-Crowell State Forest
Elinor's Woods Conservation Area
Joe's Woods Conservation Area
Shirley's Woods Conservation Area

Sandwich Hiking Trails:

The 133-acre East Sandwich Game Farm had been used until the 1980’s to raise pheasants and quail for release in wildlife areas throughout the state. Now there are several miles of trails along ponds, marshes, and through woodlands in the area. Nearby Talbot’s Point Conservation area is a 112-acre area along salt-water and fresh-water marshes, with level trails. The Briar Patch is a 57-acre area that had inspired the author Thornton Burgess; trails lead through old pastures and locust and pine woods. Elinor’s Woods is a small 5-acre area with pleasant trails along old cranberry bogs and wetlands.

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