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Nauset Beach
Kent’s Point Conservation Area
Baker’s Pond Conservation Area
Paw Wah Point Conservation Area
Three Ponds Conservation Area
Twinings Pond Conservation Area
Mill Pond Conservation Area
Ice House and Reuben Ponds
Kenrick Woods Conservation Area

Orleans Hiking Trails:

There are many conservation area trails in Orleans. Baker's Pond area is adjacent to Nickerson Park and provides access to nearly 35 acres, and a wide sandy beach at Baker's Pond. Kent's Point is nearly 30 acres, with access to water views of Pleasant Bay and Frost Fish Creek and Bay. Three Ponds area is more than 125 acres with beautiful views of Twinings Pond, Sarah's Pond, and and Meadow Bog Pond. Probably the most popular walking area is Nauset Beach, a long walk or a short walk, that is your choice, but right on the open Atlantic, where you can see seals and surfing, and maybe even spot a great white off shore!

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