Harwich Hiking Trails

Bells Neck Hiking Trail near Herring River Harwich
Bells Neck Conservation Area Harwich Cape cod

Bells Neck North (Herring River)
Bells Neck South
Coy’s Brook Conservation Area
Texeira Conservation Lands
Hacker Wildlife Area and Island Pond
Monomoy River Conservation Area
Hawksnest State Park

Harwich Hiking Trails:

Bell's Neck South is a large area with many trails near and around two beautiful reservoirs. Bell's Neck North brings you through pleasant woodlands to views of Herring River and cranberry bogs in the area. Coy's Brook Conservation area is a beautiful spot with wonderful marsh views, also along Herring River. Hawksnest State Park is a large, very underutilized area with many roads and trails for hiking through Cape woodlands. The Monomoy River Conservation area includes 42 acres of land and trails that extend about a mile along the beautiful Monomoy River.

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