Chatham Hiking Trails

Beach at Monomoy Wildlife Refuge
Boardwalk at Monomy Wildlife Refuge

Training Field Triangle Conservation Area
Barclays Pond Conservation Area
Old Comers Woodland Conservation Area
Goose Pond Forest Conservation Area
George Ryder Forest Conservation Area
Sam Ryder Conservation Area
Forest Beach Conservation Area
Morris Island Trail

Chatham Hiking Trails:

The Training Field Triangle area contains 39 acres of woodlands and a 0.75 trail where you can see a vernal pool and also the 18th century smallpox cemetery; the area was used for military training in the Revolutionary war. The area is adjacent to the 46 acre Barclay's Pond area, with access not only to Barclay's Pond but also to Schoolhouse Pond and Mary's Pond. The Old Comers trail is on 11 acres of woodland; many old radio antennas from the early 1900's are present on the property as well as access to Lover's Lake. The Morris Island Trail is a 3/4 mile trail to the 40 acre Morris Island in the Monomoy National Wildlife area; the trail brings you to beach along Monomoy Island, tidal flats, salt marsh, sand dunes, and woodlands on the island itself.

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