Brewster Hiking Trails

Seymour Pond Harwich Cape Cod
Nickerson State Park Cape Cod

John Wing Trail
South Trail
Eddy Bay Trail
Eddy Sisters Trail
Punkhorn Parklands Eagle Point Trail
Punkhorn Parklands Calf Field Pond Trail
Nickerson State Park Cliff Pond
Nickerson State Park Flax Pond
Higgins Pond
Spruce Hill
Sheep Pond
Huckleberry Hill

Brewster Hiking Trails:

The John Wing Trail leaves from the Brewster Natural History museum and takes you on a boardwalk over the salt marsh to the shore along Cape Cod Bay. The South Trail brings you along marsh views on the Stony Brook area. At Nickerson Park, there are many bike trails to walk on, also the Cliff Pond and Flax Pond trails allow you to walk right along the shore around the entire pond. The Eddy Bay Trail is a short trail through interesting woodlands, showing signs of wind damage from Hurricane Bob, ending in a stunning cliff view of Cape Cod Bay. The Eddy Sisters Trail is an interesting trail near the community gardens, through an area of former cranberry bogs. The Punkhorn Parklands is a favorite area with water views on the Eagle Point Trail.

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