Dennis Hiking Trails

Johnny Kelley Walking Path, South Dennis
Lighthouse Inn, West Dennis
Bass River from Conservation Area

Hokum Rock Conservation Area
Nobscusset Conservation Area
West Dennis Beach
Johnny Kelley Recreation Area Dorothy Bell Conservation Area
Crowe’s Pasture

Dennis Hiking Trails:

Be sure not to miss the Nobscusset Conservation Area; called the Indian Lands in the past, this area offers fantastic views of Bass River where the Nobscusset natives had spent their winters aftera their harvest at their summer homes north of Route 6a. West Dennis beach itself is another favorite, either on the beach or on the roadway, the beach is a mile long and a popular walking spot. For shorter walks, the Johnny Kelley Recreation area has an interesting Braille Trail and a 1 mile jogging/walking path, with many recreation opportunities as well. The Dorothy Bell Conservation Area has a short trail but offers beautiful views of Grassy Pond. Crowe's Pasture is always a favorite, with fine water views near Chapin Beach. While not well marked, the Hokum Rock Conservation Area trails can bring you to beautiful views of Simmons Pond in Dennis.

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Dennis Conservation Maps

Harwich Hiking Trails

Bells Neck Hiking Trail near Herring River Harwich
Bells Neck Conservation Area Harwich Cape cod

Bells Neck North (Herring River)
Bells Neck South
Coy’s Brook Conservation Area
Texeira Conservation Lands
Hacker Wildlife Area and Island Pond
Monomoy River Conservation Area
Hawksnest State Park

Harwich Hiking Trails:

Bell's Neck South is a large area with many trails near and around two beautiful reservoirs. Bell's Neck North brings you through pleasant woodlands to views of Herring River and cranberry bogs in the area. Coy's Brook Conservation area is a beautiful spot with wonderful marsh views, also along Herring River. Hawksnest State Park is a large, very underutilized area with many roads and trails for hiking through Cape woodlands. The Monomoy River Conservation area includes 42 acres of land and trails that extend about a mile along the beautiful Monomoy River.

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Yarmouth Hiking Trails

Yarmouth Bike Path near Cranberry Hills Golf Course Cape Cod
Botanic Trail Yarmouth Port Cape Cod
Callery Darling Trails

Botanic Trails of Yarmouthport
Peter Homer Park
Callery-Darling Trails
Sandy Pond Recreation Area
Horse Pond Conservation Area

Yarmouth Hiking Trails:

The Botanic Trails in Yarmouthport include several beautiful trails on the old Thacher properties, with views of Miller Pond, and many fine specimen plantings including a grove of rhododendrons, beautiful in early June. The Peter Homer has a very accessible paved walking path around the playing fields and bike paths. The Callery-Darling Trails start at Gray's Beach area near the Bass Hole Boardwalk and include an extensive trail system with many water views and marsh views.

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Brewster Hiking Trails

Seymour Pond Harwich Cape Cod
Nickerson State Park Cape Cod

John Wing Trail
South Trail
Eddy Bay Trail
Eddy Sisters Trail
Punkhorn Parklands Eagle Point Trail
Punkhorn Parklands Calf Field Pond Trail
Nickerson State Park Cliff Pond
Nickerson State Park Flax Pond
Higgins Pond
Spruce Hill
Sheep Pond
Huckleberry Hill

Brewster Hiking Trails:

The John Wing Trail leaves from the Brewster Natural History museum and takes you on a boardwalk over the salt marsh to the shore along Cape Cod Bay. The South Trail brings you along marsh views on the Stony Brook area. At Nickerson Park, there are many bike trails to walk on, also the Cliff Pond and Flax Pond trails allow you to walk right along the shore around the entire pond. The Eddy Bay Trail is a short trail through interesting woodlands, showing signs of wind damage from Hurricane Bob, ending in a stunning cliff view of Cape Cod Bay. The Eddy Sisters Trail is an interesting trail near the community gardens, through an area of former cranberry bogs. The Punkhorn Parklands is a favorite area with water views on the Eagle Point Trail.

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Orleans Hiking Trails

Nauset Beach Cape Cod Eastham

Nauset Beach
Kent’s Point Conservation Area
Baker’s Pond Conservation Area
Paw Wah Point Conservation Area
Three Ponds Conservation Area
Twinings Pond Conservation Area
Mill Pond Conservation Area
Ice House and Reuben Ponds
Kenrick Woods Conservation Area

Orleans Hiking Trails:

There are many conservation area trails in Orleans. Baker's Pond area is adjacent to Nickerson Park and provides access to nearly 35 acres, and a wide sandy beach at Baker's Pond. Kent's Point is nearly 30 acres, with access to water views of Pleasant Bay and Frost Fish Creek and Bay. Three Ponds area is more than 125 acres with beautiful views of Twinings Pond, Sarah's Pond, and and Meadow Bog Pond. Probably the most popular walking area is Nauset Beach, a long walk or a short walk, that is your choice, but right on the open Atlantic, where you can see seals and surfing, and maybe even spot a great white off shore!

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Chatham Hiking Trails

Beach at Monomoy Wildlife Refuge
Boardwalk at Monomy Wildlife Refuge

Training Field Triangle Conservation Area
Barclays Pond Conservation Area
Old Comers Woodland Conservation Area
Goose Pond Forest Conservation Area
George Ryder Forest Conservation Area
Sam Ryder Conservation Area
Forest Beach Conservation Area
Morris Island Trail

Chatham Hiking Trails:

The Training Field Triangle area contains 39 acres of woodlands and a 0.75 trail where you can see a vernal pool and also the 18th century smallpox cemetery; the area was used for military training in the Revolutionary war. The area is adjacent to the 46 acre Barclay's Pond area, with access not only to Barclay's Pond but also to Schoolhouse Pond and Mary's Pond. The Old Comers trail is on 11 acres of woodland; many old radio antennas from the early 1900's are present on the property as well as access to Lover's Lake. The Morris Island Trail is a 3/4 mile trail to the 40 acre Morris Island in the Monomoy National Wildlife area; the trail brings you to beach along Monomoy Island, tidal flats, salt marsh, sand dunes, and woodlands on the island itself.

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Eastham Hiking Trails

Fort Hill Eastham
Salt Pond Visitor Center Eastham

Fort Hill Trail
Nauset Marsh and Buttonbush Trails
Coast Guard Beach
South Eastham Conservation Area
Red Maple Swamp Trail
Cottontail Acres Conservation Area
Lamont Smith Conservation Area
Nickerson Conservation Area
Wiley Park Conservation Area
Doane Trail

Eastham Hiking Trails:

Don’t miss the Fort Hill area; here there are open fields right along the shores of Nauset Marsh with views of Nauset Spit. A very different walk is found right next to Fort Hill - the Red Maple Swamp Trail with a boardwalk through the area. At Coast Guard Beach you can walk along the shore where Henry Beston had written his book “The Outermost House”. You can walk along this beautiful beach for several miles either north or south. At Salt Pond Visitor Center, you can access the Nauset Marsh and Buttonbush Trails, these allow you to walk along Salt Pond, though the woodlands, and all the way to Coast Guard Beach.

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National Seashore Trails

Wellfleet Hiking Trails

Marconi Beach Surf Wellfleet Cape Cod

Marconi Beach Surf Wellfleet Cape Cod


Audubon Wellfleet Bay
Uncle Tim’s Bridge
Atlantic White Cedar Swamp
Great Island Trail
Fox Island Marsh Conservation Area
Pilgrim Spring Woodlands Conservation Area
Bayberry Hill Conservation Area
Walker Pond Conservation Area
Box Turtle Conservation Area

Wellfleet Hiking Trails:

Uncle Tim’s Bridge offers quiet, gorgeous views over Duck Creek, toward Wellfleet Harbor and back toward Wellfleet Center. The Atlantic White Cedar Swamp trail leaves from the Marconi Site area and brings you on a short, interesting walk on a boardwalk through a beautiful and unusual coastal cedar swamp. The Great Island Trail brings you along the beach toward what was once Billingsgate Island; this is a long hike, but rich with natural and historical connections. The Audobon Wellfleet area is a favorite of naturalists and bird watchers from around the area.

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Truro Hiking Trails

Head of the Meadow Beach Truro Cape Cod

Highland Lighthouse Truro Cape Cod

Pilgrim Springs Trail 
Small’s Swamp Trail
Head of the Meadow Bike Trail
Highlands Center
North Pamet Trails
South Pamet Trail
Kettle Pond Trail

Truro Hiking Trails:

The Pilgrim Spring Trail leaves from the pavilion in the Pilgrim Spring parking area and brings you to some beautiful vistas overlooking the Head of the Meadow marsh area where the Pilgrims had first obtained fresh water during their visit to Cape Cod in 1620. Small’s Swamp Trail leaves from the same pavilion and brings you to a shallow kettle-pond boardwalk in the area where a farm had existed during the 1800’s. At Highlands Center you can explore the old North Truro Air Force Base, a path leads around the old roadways and then loops through the woodlands back to the parking area. The Head of the Meadow Bike Trail can be accessed from the Head of the Meadow Beach and takes you past the beautiful salt marsh and then to views of the beautiful dunes of North Truro.

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National Seashore Trails

Provincetown Hiking Trails

Old Coast Guard Station Race Point Provincetown Cape Cod

Pilgrim Monument Provincetown Cape Cod

Beech Forest
Long Point
Race Point and Hatches Harbor
Old Colony Nature Pathway (no parking)
Foss Woods (no parking)

Provincetown Hiking Trails:

Long Point can be hiked from Herring Cove Beach to the lighthouses at Long Point and Wood End; this is a long but rewarding walk. On Race Point Road, the Beech Forest Trail is a short trail looping through the beech forest and around small ponds in the area. From Race Point Beach, you can walk along the beach north and then west to the Race Point Lighthouse; this is also a long walk, but the views along the beach are outstanding.

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Provincetown Conservation Areas

National Seashore Trails

Barnstable Hiking Trails

Sandy Neck Beach
Bridge Creek Conservation Area
Crocker Neck Conservation Area
West Barnstable Conservation Area
Hathaway’s  Pond Conservation Area
Long Pond Conservation Area
Otis Atwood Conservation Area
Old Jail Lane Conservation Area
Santuit Pond Preserve Trails
Whelan Conservation Area
Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary

Barnstable Hiking Trails:

At Sandy Neck Beach you can walk for nearly 8 miles along the shore of this barrier beach that shelters the Great Marshes of Barnstable. The Long Pasture Wildlife Sanctuary is an easy walk through woodlands, past a working farm and to a fine view over Cape Cod Bay. Old Jail Lane Conservation area is a 180 acre area with several miles of trails in the hilly moraines just south of Route 6a; there are some distant views of the ocean from the higher elevations. Crocker Neck Conservation Area in Cotuit has more level trails right along the water and marsh at Pinquickset Cove. Also in Cotuit, the Long Pond Conservation area has two miles of trails through woods, fields, and through community gardens, near the shore of Long Pond.

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Barnstable Conervation Trail Maps

Mashpee Hiking Trails

South Cape Beach State Park
Lowell Holly Reservation
Alper Conservation Area
John's Pond Conservation Area
Mashpee River Woodlands
Jehu Pond Conservation Area
Quashnet River Corridor
Besse Bog Conservation Area

Mashpee Hiking Trails:

The Lowell Holly Reservation is a Trustees of the Reservations site, with beautiful water views of Wakeby-Mashpee Ponds. Trails lead through beech woods to the end of a peninsula between the two ponds. More than 4 miles of trails are found at John’s Pond Conservation area on this town-owned 258-acre area surrounding John’s Pond. At the Mashpee River Woodlands, you can find more than 8 miles of trails along the shores, marshes and cranberry bogs along the beautiful Mashpee River. At South Cape Beach, there is a short pond trail as well as the more than 3 mile long beach access. The Quashnet River area has over 440 acres along the Quashnet River, with many roads and trails for hiking.

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Mashpee Conservation Maps

Sandwich Hiking Trails

Barge on Cape Cod Canal

Sagamore Bridge Cape Cod Canal

Old Briar Patch
Talbot’s Point Conservation Area
East Sandwich Game Farm
Sandwich Boardwalk and Town Neck Beach
Maple Swamp Conservation Area
Boyden Farm Conservation Area
Ryder Conservation Land
Shawme-Crowell State Forest
Elinor's Woods Conservation Area
Joe's Woods Conservation Area
Shirley's Woods Conservation Area

Sandwich Hiking Trails:

The 133-acre East Sandwich Game Farm had been used until the 1980’s to raise pheasants and quail for release in wildlife areas throughout the state. Now there are several miles of trails along ponds, marshes, and through woodlands in the area. Nearby Talbot’s Point Conservation area is a 112-acre area along salt-water and fresh-water marshes, with level trails. The Briar Patch is a 57-acre area that had inspired the author Thornton Burgess; trails lead through old pastures and locust and pine woods. Elinor’s Woods is a small 5-acre area with pleasant trails along old cranberry bogs and wetlands.

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 Sandwich Conservation Trust Trail Maps